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Our vision is to create a world where amicable communication transcends litigation. We offer mediation services aimed at helping conflicting parties with disputes such as divorce, separation, child custody, financial matters, work place conflicts, neighborhood disputes and other types of disputes. Our mediation services are dedicated to providing parties in dispute with the right platform where they can find a resolution on every issue.We facilitate the process of settling conflicts through mediation to save our clients from the hassle and cost of pursuing the case in court. At Prime Dialogue Mediation we offer mediation as a positive and collaborative alternative in which the best interests of all parties are served. Our mediators are highly knowledgeable and fully capable of undertaking all kinds of issues that require family mediation. Our service is aimed at individual and businesses living in and around London however, parties living in other parts of the UK and outside the UK can also choose to benefit from our expertise in mediation.

Family Mediation

Our family mediators are experienced in family law applicable to separation and divorce and related issues

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a fully confidential, impartial, and voluntary form of resolving workplace-related


Community Mediation

Community Mediation is a confidential, independent, voluntary and impartial process, which helps

Chris Ebeniro


I am so happy with Prime Dialogue Mediation services. Juliet was thorough and professional. She really understood the challenges I was facing with my marriage at the time. After a few sessions, I was able to come to a lasting resolution and happily married again. I highly recommend Juliet and Prime Dialogue Mediation.